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Blast Premium Energy Drink Mixers

Blast Premium Energy Drink Mixers are packed with profitability, versatility, and great taste!  XS Concentrate branded as Blast Premium Energy Mixer currently comes in Classic, Cranberry-Grape, and Electric Lemon flavors and has quickly become the Premium Energy Drink of choice. The Great Taste with No Sugar, Low Carbs, and Low Calories quickly grabs your customers’ attention and they become loyal fans of your business and your customized energy drink mixes.  XS Concentrated Energy Drink allows you to mix, blend, create, and customize unique drinks that people will seek out exclusively from your establishment!

Customized Energy Drinks

The XS Blast Concentrate can be promoted as “Your Biz Name- Blast” and supported with Blast Marketing Materials, but the true benefit comes with the opportunity to customize and make it your own. We encourage establishments to adopt this as their own “house” energy drink and then to create unique drinks for their patrons. The possibilities are limitless as you build brand loyalty to your business.

Mixes to Make a Wide Variety of Drinks

With great-tasting flavor options, this Concentrated Energy Mixer can be mixed into a wide variety of drinks. From mixed cocktails, to fruit smoothies, protein shakes, energy teas, lemonades, and much more, you have a great opportunity to offer healthier drink options to a larger market base. Mix a one-ounce shot of the energy mixer with 7-11 ounces of soda water to make an 8-12 ounce energy drink. Also great for making energy smoothies, energy cocktails, or Italian soda blasts.

Benefits to You and Your Customers

Attract a massive new clientele who are craving a healthy alternative!  These Premium Energy Drink Mixers are some of the smartest options on the market boasting No Sugar, Low Carbs, and Low Calories! To give you a boost, these drinks pack a powerful punch with a Vitamin B-12 Blast of 4900%, and a concentrated supplement of a proprietary blend of herbs to give you all of the energy but none of the sugar crash.

Superb Profitability

Requiring no refrigeration, no extra storage, no special set-up, and offering versatile drink options, these customizable mixers offer great profitability! Mix using 1 oz for a powerful boost and get a $180+ profit per case, or mix using a ½ oz for great flavor and energy addition to any drink and pack in a $450+ profit per case.

"Take Your Retail Beverage Business
to the Next Level With the
Premium Energy Drink Mixer
that You Can Customize
and Rebrand as
Your Own"


* No Sugar  * No Carbs  * No Crash!

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